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Common Disclaimer

Quadvin makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness or usability of the content of this website and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in the content of this website. The content does not provide any implied or statutory warranty as to the suitability for sale or purchase of the products or services for any particular purpose. The links made from this site to any specific commercial products, processes or services or the use of any trade, company, manufacturer and their name or trademarks are for the information and convenience of the public and do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of Quadvin's products or services. Links to other sites are for Visitor's convenience only. Quadvin does not control them and is not responsible for their content, information or material.

Quadvin shall not be liable for any damages (and indemnities) arising out of the use of this site: any injury or death; data loss; loss of income or loss of expected profit; loss of business; loss of opportunities; loss of prestige, damage to reputation; losses incurred by third parties; any other negative consequences. Quadvin cannot guarantee or warrant that files and data uploaded from this site or the server where Quadvin's data is stored will be free of any virus or malware infection that may result in data loss, leakage, or damage to software, hardware, or similar equipment. The use of any information or material on the https://www.quadvin.com website is a risk to Visitor for which Quadvin assumes no responsibility.

Disclaimer for Quadvin Vehicle History Reports

Quadvin can provide data about ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), UTV (Utility Vehicle), OFMC (Off-Road Motorcycle) hereinafter together referred to as "Vehicle", "Powersport Vehicle", "Off-Road Vehicle" "ORV" and On-Road Motorcycle hereinafter together referred to as "Vehicle", "On-Road Vehicle" obtained from government agencies - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S.A. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, international organizations and Vehicle manufacturers who provide open data to public or direct public registers, as well as data created on the basis of legislation and international agreements and intended for public access by the international public, open data from non-governmental organizations and private companies.

The Quadvin Vehicle History Report ("Vehicle History Report", "History Report") is a statement of the technical data of the Vehicle and Engine issued to the User of the website https://www.quadvin.com for a fee. History Reports will not necessarily include data from all aforesaid sources. The content of the Quadvin History Report will depend on the data entered by the User about the Vehicle in the search form, the data provided by the manufacturer to the above registers and the amount of data provided by Quadvin at that time. Quadvin reserves the right to change the contents of the Vehicle History Report by extending, modifying, supplementing or otherwise modifying it without notice. If the History Reporte Quadvin has provided to the User includes data from at least one of the above-mentioned data sources, Quadvin shall be deemed to have provided the Service to the user properly.

Before providing a paid service to the Uer, he is informed of these Terms of Use, so the User has the option to opt out of the paid service and not use all other services provided by Quadvin, whether paid or free. If Quadvin does not have data on the Vehicle based on the information entered by the User, the History Report is not generated. To obtain a Vehicle History Report, the User must enter the 17-character Vehicle Identification Number in the search box and select from the list or enter manually given the option the vehicle Model Name. Quadvin does not assess the legality of the VIN number provided by the User. Any 17-digit number entered by the User will be treated by Quadvin as a VIN number even if it is not. In this regard, https://www.quadvin.com Visitor must make sure that the 17-character number entered in the search engine for ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), UTV (Utility Vehicle), OFMC (Off-Road Motorcycle) and On-Road Motorcycle is a VIN number and that it corresponds to the requirements for it are set forth in U.S. law. The Visitor cannot expect to receive the data "as is" and "as available"if he uses an Off-Road or On-Road Vehicle identification number that does not meet the requirements for a VIN number for information purposes. Even if a Vehicle History Report is generated at the request of the Visitor, Quadvin does not in any way guarantee that the 17-character number entered by the Visitor will meet the legal requirements for the VIN number.

Quadvin makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the data provided in the Vehicle History Report if the User knowingly, unintentionally, due to ignorance or misunderstanding or for any other reason enters the vehicle VIN number and model name in the search form that belong to different vehicles. Before completing the search form, the Visitor must make sure that the Powersport or On-Road Vehicle VIN number and model name he enters belongs to the same Vehicle. If, for any reason, the visitor will use an identification number and a model name that belongs not to the same vehicle, Quadvin will give or may take priority to the model name and model year identifier in the VIN, when compiling the report.

Even if the data is entered correctly into the search engine, Quadvin does not guarantee that the Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle reported is covered by the Certificate of Conformity. This may happen if the U.S. government revokes the Certificate of Conformity for a group of vehicles and the Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle whose history is of interest to the User falls into that group; the Certificate of Conformity has been revoked by an administrative or judicial authority of any State to the specific vehicle whose history is of interest to the User; the manufacturer has exceeded the annual/overall Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle production limits declared by the U.S. government and the Vehicle whose history is of interest to the User is not included in the list of Vehicle declared by the manufacturer under the VIN number; the Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle Model name is not on the list of Model names covered by the Certificate of Conformity provided by the manufacturer to a U.S. government agency; the Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle Manufacturer has provided incomplete, inaccurate data or no data at all to the governmental authorities or other organizations from which Quadvin obtains information about of the Vehicle Model name, Make name, VIN number decryption, or any other description of the Vehicle that affects Vehicle Identification; manufacturer's data on Vehicle Make, Model, VIN decryption in the registers from which Quadvin receives data are different; the Model name provided by the manufacturer in the register is non-unique and duplicates with the Model name of another manufacturer; due to error, negligence or for any other reason.

Quadvin Vehicle History Reports reflects the Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle certification data based on US regulations and do not cover the European vehicle type-approval system. If a User does not find data on the Vehicle in the Quadvin search engine, this does not in any way imply Quadvin's confirmation that the vehicle is not or cannot be covered by the Certificate of Conformity. Nor does Quadvin guarantee that the Vehicle History Report will provide complete and comprehensive information about the Vehicle certification data in cases where the manufacturer does not provide the data to the registry from which Quadvin takes the records, considering occasions where the User's expectations for OEM Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle and The OEM Engine manufacturer and manufacturing country may be unsatisfactory.

Quadvin does not guarantee the conformity of the Vehicle data if the Vehicle the Visitor is interested in has been modified and therefore does not comply with the technical specifications declared by the manufacturer.

The Quadvin search does not always accurately identify the vehicle, so the User can get an extended report with certain technical data variants of the vehicle model.

Quadvin does not claim that any Vehicle of interest to the User is of quality or substandard, legal or illegal, and makes no warranty of any kind with respect to the Vehicle regardless of a Vehicle History Report being prepared by Quadvin.

The Quadvin Vehicle History Report is for information purposes only and is provided by the vehicle manufacturer or a third party. The Quadvin Vehicle History Report may not be used to settle a dispute in court, to make an administrative decision on a Vehicle, or in other disputes before public or private authorities. The Quadvin Vehicle History Report is for personal use only and cannot be publicly distributed, resold, reproduced or otherwise made available to the general public without the consent of Quadvin. If the user has any doubts about the Vehicle, he is interested in, he should, on his own initiative, further consult a competent person or body or seek information on the Vehicle from other sources if relevant. The explanations provided by Quadvin about the Vehicle History Report are contained in these Terms of Use and the content on https://www.quadvin.com.

Quadvin considers that these explanations are sufficiently detailed to meet User's expectations for paid services, thus Quadvin does not provide any additional comments or individual explanations to the Visitor regarding the Quadvin Vehicle History Report and the data contained therein. The data provided in the Quadvin Vehicle History Report is as it is at the time it is received by the User and Quadvin is not responsible if the sources from which Quadvin receives the information subsequently change due to the manufacturer, government agency or any other will replace that data by correcting the error, supplementing the data, deleting it, or for any other reason that would result in a change or discrepancy in the data.

The definitions of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), UTV (Utility Vehicle) and OFMC (Off-Road Motorcycle) used in the Quadvin Vehicle History Report are for information purposes only. Vehicles in this category can be described differently by different authorities, so if the User has any doubts about this, he should consult a competent person in addition.

Quadvin seeks to facilitate access to data on the vehicle of interest so that the User can make an informed decision about purchasing or selling the Vehicle based on the manufacturer's data on the Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle or become familiar with the Off-Road/On-Road Vehicle and Engine's manufacturing history and specifications.


All text, graphics, design, content layout, the Quadvin logo, photographs, and software content on the Website are the property of Quadvin. All such Content is protected by copyright and various other intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws. The contents of the Quadvin Website may be copied, reproduced, distributed, reposted, downloaded, posted, or transmitted by any means, including, but not limited to electronic, copying, recording, or other means, with the prior written permission of the Quadvin owner. Such use must not violate Quadvin's legitimate interests and rights protected by law. The restrictive provision on download and own use (excluding the purpose of distribution and publication in all forms) does not apply to the Quadvin Vehicle History Report, which Visitor receives for a fee. The Visitor can display the Vehicle History Report to others, e.g., the buyer, friends, family members, like-minded people to discuss the received data with them or use the History Report at their own discretion for other purposes and in a manner that does not infringe the rights of Quadvin and/or third parties.

Restrictions of use of the website

You cannot use any automated devices, programs, methodologies, processes, or other means that would allow Quadvin to access Quadvin Content other than its intended; monitor the activity of all or part of the website; obtain, copy, distribute or share any material, documents or information to which Quadvin has not granted access to the User; scan site data; breach website security and authentication measures; track and trace any other website Visitor and seek access to his activity, browsing, personal or any other data; disrupt or complicate the operation of the Website; make it difficult for another person to use the website; illegally access the Quadvin server and damage, delete, modify or otherwise damage the Quadvin website.

If Visitor engages in any of the above or any other illegal activity in relation to Quadvin, we can, without notice, terminate Visitor's access to our website and services, as well as report such activity to public authorities and disclose Visitor's data to them. The Visitor may use the Website only by normal means and for fair use purposes. Access to additional website data for marketing, performance optimization or related purposes is only possible with the written consent of Quadvin.