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Check Digit Of The Vehicle Identification Number

The third section of the VIN consists of one character, called the “check digit”, which occupies Position 9 in the VIN. The check digit’s purpose is to provide a means for verifying the accuracy of any VIN transcription. United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) regulations establish a mathematical formula for calculating the check digit.

After all other characters in VIN have been determined by the manufacturer, the check digit is calculated by carrying out the mathematical computation specified in the NHTSA regulation.

A check digit, which can be zero through nine (0–9) or the letter “X”, appears in Position 9 of the VIN. Computed check digit “4” will appear in Position 9 of completed VIN: DE8CA4A34A0045067. NHTSA VIN Decoder after verification shows that VIN Check Digit ( 9th position ) was calculated without errors. Does it mean that the VIN number DE8CA4A34A0045067 is correct? So far...The WMI code '' DE8 '' of the VIN is not assigned to the specific manufacturer. Based on regulations - WMI assignment is an administrative procedure that should be performed by a government-based or government-notified body. The OEM manufacturer of the vehicle does not have the right to assign a WMI code by himself. In case the VIN number DE8CA4A34A0045067 would actually be used by the Original Equipment Manufacturer for identification purposes of the vehicle and vehicle model, the VIN must be considered as illegally created. Quadvin used this VIN number just only for example.

All WMI codes used by original equipment manufacturers must be registered by the Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE ). Beginning January 1, 2012, SAE will begin charging a one-time only fee of $525 USD for companies needing a World Manufacturers Identifier (WMI) code from areas outside of the United States where there is no governing body established to assign a WMI Code.*

The complete SAE WMI database contains more than 33,000 international WMI codes.

Beginning in November 2009, SAE instituted a $50 fee for all verification letters requested. These letters are used to verify a company's WMI code as well as their manufacturer's information.*

Source: Sae International

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If you want to lookup VIN number and order Certification data from Quadvin, you need to know the Commercial Model Name of your Vehicle. Quadvin Certification Data Report is based on ATV VIN, Motorcycle VIN, Side By Side VIN number, Certified Model Name, or VECI ( Vehicle Information Control Information ) label data. If you want to check VIN number of your Motorcycle, ATV, or Utility Vehicle and need assistance in determining Commercial Model Name of the Vehicle, please email us at and attach the Vehicle Identification Number and a photo of the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label ( VECI ).